November 2, 2018 Reading time: 2 minutes

Spacemen is an independent multi-platform space exploration game, based in a procedural persistent universe, with modable content, explorable seamlessly in single-player or multi-player modes.

Quiz USA

January 17, 2019 Reading time: 3 minutes

A fun, educational trivia game for the entire family.

Make your way through the amazing U.S. by answering cool and tricky questions about each state! More than state capitals and famous presidents, Quiz USA tests your knowledge about the geography, history and many other surprise topics related to the USA.

Tap on the question marks to unlock hundreds of intriguing questions! Don't forget to collect the golden coins and the hourglasses - just a little help for when you're not sure of the right answer!

Install, play and explore the captivating truths set between the borders of the United States!

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November 2, 2018 Reading time: ~1 minute

Korrupt is a mobile game set in corrupt Romania, where the player has to reduce economic deficit by arresting politicians who steal.


Integral Scanner

November 2, 2018 Reading time: ~1 minute

Integral Scanner is an Android app that allows you to program fire alarm systems manufactured by Schrack-Seconet and Hekatron easier, associating logical numbers automatically by scanning the data matrix codes of the elements.

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